Published: Jul 10, 2012

Dancing on Clouds: An Experience of a Lifetime


Bride and Groom dancing on clouds.

Nothing compares to the magical experience of the first dance that the bride and groom share together. It’s almost as if they are dancing on a cloud. Wait! That can actually happen.

The NJ DJs at Gemini DJs provide the Chauvet Nimbus to their clients. This is a low lying fog machine that uses dry ice for a theatrical experience for your first dance. Yes, you actually can dance on a cloud! The Chauvet Nimbus was used this weekend at The Palace in Summerset for a wedding.

Family and friends of the bride and groom had tears in their eyes watching the couple dance together. Even the father of the bride had tears in his eyes watching his daughter’s dream come true.

The Chauvet Nimbus can be used for Sweet 16s, birthday parties, Bar/Batmitzvahs, and any other events you book with us here at Gemini DJs. The NJ DJs promise to create the experience that you’ve always wanted with the Chauvet Nimbus. Call 973.686.1003 for more information and to book a Chauvet Nimbus for your next event!

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