Published: Jun 27, 2014

What to Ask a Professional New Jersey DJ


Professional New Jersey DJ

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In case you’ve ever wondered…yes, a professional disc jockey can really make the difference with your Sweet 16 Party, Wedding or other special event.

Yes, a New Jersey Disc Jockey could save the party at your event. DJs don’t just play music at your reception. They actually direct your reception. Experienced wedding vendors, for example, will tell you how important it is to hire a professional DJ for your wedding or special event.

As the host of your event, this is important to know to whether your guests will dance the night away or leave early. A friend who is attending your wedding simply can’t give the attention to your reception to create that special type atmosphere. An MP3 Player definitely can’t do this and you should not be getting up and down to check on your playlist.

All wedding vendors know that engaged couples have budgets. That does not mean that you can’t hire a professional wedding DJ for your wedding reception. Many DJs offer a range of services that could work with your budget but still offer you an experienced professional for your entertainment. Some people utilize DJs for their ceremony and reception. Many DJs like Gemini DJs offer wonderful options like photo booths and more. You should consider them as they can make for an outstanding event. However, if you don’t have it in your budget you should still hire your New Jersey DJ for your basic entertainment requirements. Playing a variety of music for you and your guests and keeping all of your events moving in a timely manner are completely worth the money.

What to Ask a New Jersey Wedding DJ

So, what are some other factors you should consider when hiring a professional New Jersey wedding DJ?

Are they reliable? This is an important factor. What if a friend or amateur is handling the entertainment and equipment malfunctions.  Then what? Professional DJ companies have back-up equipment and personnel.

Are they professional? It is unfortunate when your DJ drinks at your wedding or falls asleep at the booth. What you want is someone who listens to your requests and dresses professionally. Make sure they arrive in plenty of time and have everyone’s names correct and that they stay with your playlist.

Do they own professional equipment?  Some DJs have had to have people move to accommodate the microphones cord and the music has sounded horrible once the sound has been turned up.

Do they have the songs you want to hear and if they don’t can they get them? There are many musical tastes out there. Although there are some typical wedding songs that people hear at weddings, some people have unique tastes and want them to be catered to. If you can’t find a DJ who can accommodate your musical tastes then interview different ones until you can. Also, ask are they willing to play your personal music. They should want to work with you to make your day special to you.



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