Published: Jun 18, 2012

Conversation with Mike Penkoski

Gemini DJ Mike Penkoski

Gemini DJ, Mike Penkoski, is far from just a regular DJ. Performing at celebrity events and working frequently with reality stars, Mike is always on the run. He performed at Teresa Giudice’s housewarming party on Housewives of New Jersey and MCed a club with the Jersey Shore cast. Aside from being a DJ, Mike is married and has a son named Hunter.


Favorite TV Show: American Idol

Favorite movie: Breakfast Club

Favorite Snapple flavor: He doesn’t like Snapple. Mike prefers coffee.

Favorite place to eat: Wall Hop

Favorite cartoon: Family Guy

Favorite artist: Michael Jackson


What would you say you are most talented at?



Why do you love your job?

“I love my job because I’m good at it.”

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