Published: Jul 22, 2014

Why DJ Music and Entertainment for your Party?


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A party planner or host nearly always looks for ways in which an expensive party element can be substituted with an inexpensive one. However, the line must be drawn somewhere. After all, what good is a party when you’ve substituted entertainment with sheer boredom?

Fortunately, there is great news in store for all you party planners out there, there are some important things for you to know.

Still unsure about hiring a DJ? Planning to use your iPod or laptop with your speakers instead? The advantages of hiring a DJ, easily outweighs the cons. Give these pros a good glance; it might just help you make up your mind.

•    Professional Song Selection

Once you hire a Gemini DJ, a huge responsibility is taken away from your shoulders. With a DJ, you will now have someone who will plan every song that plays at your party. From an extensive song catalogue, your DJ can accommodate personal requests from you and your guests, and also choose music that suits the crowd and uplifts the mood at your party.

•    No Last Minute Glitches

Did you plan a party for all your friends who brought their kids along? Do those little ones want to shake a leg but you have no songs to entertain them? Hiring a DJ can eliminate such unexpected “disasters waiting to happen.” A Gemini DJ is always prepared to entertain the crowd, no matter who they are and what type of music the mood calls for.

•    Professional Equipment

Whether you’ve planned a small gathering or a big, lavish feast, professional equipment makes all the difference to your party. With a Gemini DJ, you will not worry about the music being too loud or too soft, unwarranted feedback from speakers, static playing over the music, inaudible microphones or skipped tracks. All of thetechnical aspects are looked after professionally, with direct control.

Not everybody arrives at the same time; however, you can ensure those early birds are entertained by your Gemini DJ, who has already arrived, set up his equipment, and is ready to get the party started. You will not have to worry about switching the systems off and on every time you need to take a break from the music or change the track. A Gemini DJ has control and executes it perfectly.

Why Hire a Gemini DJ?

A party without entertainment cannot be called a party! Moreover, if you want to ensure 100% entertainment at your party, Gemini DJs is the answer.

Besides professional DJ music, they also provide:

•    Photo booths

•    Professional lighting

•    Fun foods

•    Lounge setups

•    Live musicians

•    Plasma / AV rentals

•    Special effects

•    Videography

When it is s about entertainment, there should be no compromises! Ready to hire a Gemini DJ now?








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