Published: Mar 08, 2016

Drone Wedding Photography and Video: Affordable and provide amazing shots

Advances in Drone Technology increase quality while making it more affordable

The air tingles with anticipation, emotions run high.  The limo has pulled up, and you look out the window to take a final peek at the weather.  After a nervous glance at the clock, you turn back, and see all of your closest friends and family members swelling with pride.  A soft hum becomes audible, as a sleek aerial wedding photography drone captures the moment from above.  Wait, what?

As technology advances quicker and quicker, we often have new tools to help in capturing our special moments.  Among the most important days of our lives, not much will eclipse the emotion of seeing our loved one approaching the aisle, perfectly dressed, and ready to commit the rest of their lives to each other.  Weddings have been captured by video and photography for many years, traditionally with hand held or stationary cameras held up on supports and aimed towards the action.  Drone wedding videography takes this more traditional approach to the next level, allowing a freedom that is simply not possible with a handheld camera.  While most think of drone wedding videography to be exclusively captured from higher vantage points, this is not necessarily the case!

drone wedding video provides amazing overhead shots that can’t normally be captured

From sweeping panoramas, accessing terrain that may be inaccessible on foot, to landscape shots, we are limited only by our imagination!  Drones operate wirelessly and do not require any additional equipment.  Most brides love being able to capture their day in a way that is not only unique but does not leave anything around for guests to see or trip over.  Remaining as “low key” as possible is a concern for many brides, and this is a great way to achieve that goal.   

Today’s aerial wedding videos are captured with crisp and beautiful colors, controlled by skilled operators, with professional cameras.  Live video feeds viewed from the ground, thanks to wireless technology, provide immediate viewing.  Previously, drones were more risky; as you often could not view the footage until retrieving the drone.  Sometimes the footage was good, sometimes it missed the mark entirely.  Being able to watch, in real time, helps ensure that the footage is as perfect as can be.   This eliminates the biggest risk generally associated with un-manned cameras.  It also significantly cuts down the time needed for photo sessions.

Newer drones have features such as controllable camera angles, called Gimbal, allowing you to change where the camera is pointed while it’s flying.  There are also stabilizers which make sure the footage is smooth, regardless of conditions.  If the connection is interrupted, or the drone flies out of range, GPS Technology allows the drone to fly back to the operator.  A short time ago, this was not cost effective for all but the biggest wedding budgets.  Like most technology, the pricing is becoming more affordable, and aerial drone videography is more accessible than ever.  I would wager we will see more of these types of cameras being used in the very near future.

Drone wedding video

Aerial Wedding Video Footage Courtesy of Breathe Artistic

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