Published: Nov 24, 2014

Hiring DJs for Holiday Parties

Hiring DJs for Holiday Parties  Listen To This Article

DJs for NJ holiday parties are a must. If you have considered having a friend or relative double up as a DJ at the event, don’t.It usually won’t lead to a memorable experience. Hiring DJs for holiday parties is always a smart decision, for many reasons.

From holiday parties to friends’ reunions to birthday parties and weddings, the host wants to have a planned event and one of the top items on the agenda is a DJ.

For the purpose of entertainment, the concept of having live bands has been popular for some time, but a DJ scores big over a band because with a band, the attention usually shifts from the host and the real party and towards the band belting out crowd favorites. Also, a DJ works out less expensive and it is possible for the host to decide on what exactly the music should be.

Before focusing on the DJ for the holiday party, it is important for the host to get through a few basics of the different aspects that go towards a memorable event.

There are basically two types of DJs: the multi operator and single operator. As the name suggests, a multi op set up involves a group of DJs who would be made available depending on the bookings that are made in advance. A single operator works for himself.

Both these types have their advantages and disadvantages.

A multi op DJ has a more organized setup and gives the option of choosing from a wide range of DJ personalities. Experienced companies like Gemini DJs in New Jersey are set up to focus all of their attention on your event, without any distractions. Also, finding a single operator DJ can be a challenge in itself because they do not advertise as heavily as the multi op DJs do.

There is one other section of DJs called the Club DJs, who can also be well thought-out for the event, but care has to be taken to ensure that the DJ would be capable of handling the crowd that may be different from that in a club.

With this basic information, you can go about choosing the ideal DJ for your event. For additional advice and to book, contact Gemini DJs today.

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