Published: Jun 10, 2014

You Might Have Wondered: Why a Professional New Jersey DJ?

NJ DJs Have Experience

There are many things that can go wrong at a wedding or special event. Sometimes the smallest thing can cause a major effect throughout the evening. Since the DJ established the tone and the pace of the evening through the music that is played, it’s critical to know how long each stage usually will take, to know where things can be shifted around and where they can’t.

With the right NJ DJ, you can let the pros worry about that and concentrate on making special memories. There is more to being a DJ than just having a large library of music. It’s having the knowledge of thousands of artists and tens of thousands of songs and how to pair songs together, many times from different genres or time periods, and transition them easily. If you rely on auto-shuffling, your wedding music could start on a very high-energy song and then suddenly change to a slow song. Now what energy you had has long since disappeared. You can make a playlist, but what if the vibe that is going on with your crowd really dislikes the song? A professional DJ’s primary focus is to deliver the right songs at the right time to keep the party animated.

Sound quality is important. Great sound comes from good equipment. A typical home stereo will not produce the sound range and dynamics required for special events. Once you start to add many people into the mix, or you setup things outdoors, the sound from the speakers can become muted and things can get more complicated. This is why New Jersey DJs invest in professional-speakers capable of significantly more power and overall sound quality. Speaker stands elevate the sound and carry it above the crowd while subwoofers enhance the low-end frequencies so that the thump can be heard and experienced.

Only a professional NJ DJ with the right equipment can create the best experience for the environment. Professional lighting brings excitement to your event. Professional NJ DJ Lighting makes your event turn from ordinary to extraordinary. Photo Booths and Fun Gemini DJs can set up your special event with a photo booth that will be the centerpiece of fun for your group. Weddings and other special events aren’t just about music. They’re about entertainment and fun. Gemini DJs can advise you on just how to get the special vibe going at your event.

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