Published: Jun 26, 2013

NJ DJs Give Advice on Bridesmaid Dresses

Check out the top NJ wedding DJs’ top color choice for bridesmaid dresses.

You just got engaged and you’re already thinking about bridesmaid’s dresses. Listen, this is totally normal but picking out the right color can definitely be difficult. There are a few steps you should follow before jumping right into it.
First, you should book a date. The color choices of the wedding have a lot to do with the season. For instance, you wouldn’t want to do bright orange in a December wedding. I mean maybe you would, but I wouldn’t recommend it. After you pick your wedding month and book a date, start browsing some colors. Here are some color choices I recommend:
Winter weddings
Dark colors are popular in the winter: gray, red, navy, plum, dark blue, forest green, and black of course which can go with any season.

Spring weddings
With a wedding in the spring, you can go from anything soft to something bright. Yellow, pink, blue, purple, orange, maroon, raspberry, green, red.

Summer weddings
You can use the same colors as the spring weddings, but most brides tend to go a little brighter. Turquoise, peach, royal blue, hot pink, and mint green are popular colors.

Fall weddings
In the fall you can go dark or light, but definitely not bright, (I didn’t mean to rhyme). But seriously, No bright colors in the fall, it looks cheesy. You can go with the same colors I listed above for winter weddings along with brown, beige, and magenta.

Since our fabulous Gemini DJs have performed at numerous weddings, I asked them what they liked best. The NJ DJs chose the following colors: bright green, plum, black, turquoise, mint green, and navy. I must say, they chose the popular colors for 2013, these New Jersey DJs really know what they’re talking about. Don’t forget to book your favorite wedding DJ by calling us at 973-686-1003.

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