Published: Mar 17, 2015

Top Skills of New Jersey DJs

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As with any career, working as a professional disc jockey comes with its own unique set of challenges. Each year, DJs are faced with increased competition to maintain a full calendar. Most New Jersey DJs increasingly find that they must hone their craft in order to stand out.

Here are some of the skills prized above all among New Jersey’s most successful DJs:

Adaptability – Great DJs know how to read their audience, but the best can also adapt to the challenges set before them. These may include handling communication gaps when a large percentage of the guests in attendance speak a different language or have unique cultural customs, turning down inappropriate song requests and encouraging extremely reluctant guests to dance. The most successful DJs can best all of these obstacles and more while staying within the guidelines set forth by the happy couple prior to the event and they can do it without sacrificing overall entertainment value for everyone involved.

Personality – A great sense of humor, high energy level, positive attitude, fun disposition and an easy way with banter are characteristic of many of the most successful DJs, but every couple is different and it may be important to the bride and groom that their personalities, as well as those of their guests, mesh well with that of their DJ. This is why it’s so important for a DJ to pay close attention to the happy couple when they first meet. A careful and respectful listener is a personality trait anyone can appreciate.

Reliability – Success comes to those who can be counted on in all industries and NJ DJs are no exception. Arriving and setting up in time for every event is important, as is staying with all of the parameters laid forth in the contract from the agreed upon fee, to any special equipment, activity or song requests provided. Past clients and agencies that have worked with a certain DJ can measure reliability. The most successful DJs will generate nothing but the most positive reviews, inspiring faith in future clients that they can be counted on no matter what.

Technical proficiency with high-end equipment is especially important for DJs at a private party, fashion show or other special event. What matters most is that you’re capable of keeping all of the guests relaxed and entertained and that you remain focused on making the event the most memorable experience of all those attending.

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Jeff Rollin

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