Published: Sep 26, 2016

Top Wedding Trends In America – From Typical To FUN!

When you are getting married it’s a chance to showcase your love in a very personal way. The entire wedding event is planned well in advance with many couples deciding on the details together. This can lead to some interesting choices in everything from the centerpieces, to the type of food served at the reception. From typical to fun wedding trends across the USA vary quite a bit. So whether you go traditional or inspirational, it’s a true reflection of your life together. Here are some of the top wedding trends today that go from normal to extreme.

Offbeat Reception Ideas

Wedding receptions in recent years have gotten way over the top. Some ideas that people are using for their big parties are signature cocktails. That can be a mixologist created drink that symbolizes the bride and groom, or a libation that has some special name or meaning to the couple. It’s also a good way to save money instead of having an open bar.

Another trend is shying away toward traditional wedding foods, like a boring fish or chicken selection, and going upscale with a menu that will appeal to “foodies.” Offbeat food themes such as fried chicken, Spanish tapas, or even family style meals instead of buffets are becoming popular. In other countries, food is essential to a lavish wedding. The Italians often have multiple course meals during their wedding celebrations. It’s similar in Chinese culture where a 15-course meal is a normal occurrence. In America, no matter what your cultural background is, from Indian to Arabic weddings, it’s essential to embrace your traditions. That never goes out of style.

Receptions are changing the style of seating the guest. This is a clear trend that many are embracing. Round tables are out, with long style banquet tables being much more family friendly. That way you don’t have to worry so much about the seating chart. It fosters a bigger sense of community to have everyone sit at larger style tables to be able to interact better.

The Best Cost Cutting Trend

A cost-cutting trend that is popular with receptions and the ceremony itself is to have it on an “off day.” In wedding speak, that’s any day that is not a Saturday. You can save considerable funds by having it on a Friday, Sunday, or even a day during the week. It might be a little harder to get people to show up, but you’ll save a few bucks.

An aspect of receptions that isn’t changing much in importance is the cake. People are going all out on cake ideas still, but the trend is to go with non-traditional flavors. Salted caramel, lavender, and even savory cake ideas are a fun trend to explore. Chili spiced chocolate anyone?

Plus, wedding themes lately have become more over the top. People want to make a statement with their weddings to show their guests a look into their personality as a couple. So if you are a massive “Star Wars” fan and want to make it a big part of your day, then go ahead! All kinds of wild themes are trending for entertaining weddings.

Interesting Bridal Details

Some trends for the brides and their wedding party are floral printed wedding dresses, non-matching bridal party attire, and even having animals as your attendants. So if you love “fido” or “fluffy” and want them to be a part of your dream day, you aren’t alone. Pets are more often than not showing up at weddings lately.

Basically, the biggest wedding trend now with weddings is that anything goes. It’s your one time to have the celebration you and your betrothed have been dreaming about that truly showcases your love.

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