Published: May 18, 2015

Wedding DJ in NJ

Wedding DJ in NJ

With that June wedding fast approaching, it’s time to meet your wedding DJ in NJ in person.

Many wedding DJs conduct their interviews over the telephone and through email instead of meeting personally with prospective clients. Gemini DJs advises to avoid this, and meet your DJ in person. Some DJs are very different in person than on the telephone and what is presented on their website, and you should insist on meeting in face-to-face so you can judge for yourself whether they are a good match for you and your wedding. Your instincts are very important in selecting the right New Jersey disc jockey, and it’s very hard to make this evaluation unless you are together in person.

A wedding DJ in NJ should also do far more than just play music. They should become involved with the planning of the event. The DJ should be available to you prior to your function to discuss music selections and to coordinate the event. By combining your suggestions with their professional input, an itinerary can be prepared before the function. This will allow the DJ to focus on the itinerary of your function while you enjoy it.

It is important for your DJ to know exactly what type of musical preferences and entertainment needs you have for your wedding. They should be willing to listen to your ideas and suggestions. They should make themselves available prior to your event to discuss selections. They should be open to accept the songs you have chosen to be played as well as those you have chosen not to be played. Special requests should never be a problem and your NJ DJ should be willing to play them where they are appropriate.

Make sure that the DJ uses only professional audio equipment. A system consisting of only professional equipment is far less likely to fail and will look and sound better than inferior systems.

This is often overlooked, but you should be sure to specify the type of apparel that your DJ should use. It is important that your DJ looks the part by dressing in formal of semiformal attire. Meanwhile, there should be no added fee charged for formal attire.

Let’s face it. You would hate to spend an hour interviewing your New Jersey wedding DJ and like their personality, only to be blindsided at your wedding by having another DJ show up, when you expected to see the DJ that you interviewed. Make certain your contract spells out exactly who will be your DJ.

It is extremely important to have your booking confirmed in writing. All terms of the agreement should be in writing to avoid any complications at a later date.

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