Wide Array of Fun Food Booths

For During your event and AFTER Parties

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Fun Food Booths

You can have LED lit booths outside your venue

as your guests leave for the night, or you can have

booths waiting at your hotel for midnight snacks for your guests!

A few popular fun foods booths include…

White Castle Booths

Famous for their square beef sliders.


Featuring brands such as Pat’s – these sandwiches containing thin-sliced sautéed beef, melted cheese, and typically sautéed onions, served in a long roll.

Sushi Booth

Japanese Sushi – perfect bit size morsels.

Nathan’s Hot Dogs

World famous Hot Dogs at your event.

Dunkin Donuts

Baked Goods and Coffeehouse…they keep America Running!

Popcorn Machines

Also known as popping corn,
this is one treat everyone loves.

Cinnabon Booths

World Famous Cinnamon Rolls.

Upon Request

Do you have a special request? Please let us know.

We have a very extensive network of vendors.

Cotton Candy Machines

Puffy Sugary Sweets.

Snow Cones

Fruit-flavored crushed ice.

Dip N Dots

The Ice Cream of the Future.

Candy Apples

Apples coated with a thin layer of cooked sugar or caramel on a stick.

Did you just get hungry?

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