Special Effects

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Dancing on the Clouds
(Dry Ice Machine)

This effect will blanket the entire dance floor with a cloud of smoke to simulate dancing on a cloud.

Lighting can be added to this to change the effect to look like a blue or purple cloud!

LED Geysers

One of the newest effects that is offered is LED colored Geysers.

These machine will make haze blasts on the sides of the DJ booth throughout the night to give an amazing effect to the DJ booth!

Indoor Pyrotechnics

This is still one of the most commonly added items to any package!

Gemini DJs features wireless detonated sparktacular!

These can either be placed on the corners of the dance floor or hidden in the centerpieces.

Make your entrance – one that will be remembered for the rest of your life!

Confetti Blasts

Confetti blasts are usually launched at the height of the night!

Once the dance floor is packed and our guest(s) of honor are out in the middle of the floor the Emcee/DJ will fire them off.

The effects can be white, multi-colored, or even custom colored!

AMAZE your guests

Speak to our special effects team to take your event to the next level of visual excitement!

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