Top 5 Non-Traditional Wedding Locations

Some of the best wedding places on the planet don’t have to be extreme or “too crazy to be believed.” They can simply be “our special place,” a location that a couple agrees is perfect to visit and celebrate with loved ones, not necessarily a backyard or a local landmark. A destination wedding location can […]

Top Wedding Trends In America – From Typical To FUN!

When you are getting married it’s a chance to showcase your love in a very personal way. The entire wedding event is planned well in advance with many couples deciding on the details together. This can lead to some interesting choices in everything from the centerpieces, to the type of food served at the reception. […]

Drone Wedding Photography and Video: Affordable and provide amazing shots

Advances in Drone Technology increase quality while making it more affordable The air tingles with anticipation, emotions run high.  The limo has pulled up, and you look out the window to take a final peek at the weather.  After a nervous glance at the clock, you turn back, and see all of your closest friends [...]

Gemini Productions Earns the 2016 Wedding Wire Couple’s Choice Award

Gemini Productions is proud to announce that for the 8th year running, we have won the Best of Knot award, as well as the Wedding Wire Couple’s Choice Award! After being inducted into the prestigious Knot Hall of Fame, an award given for receiving the Best of Award 4 or more times, we are very [...]

The Trend for Dog Bark Mitzvahs

What are Bark Mitzvahs? Everybody knows about the Jewish traditions of Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah, but not many know that they can have a coming of age function for their dogs as well. That’s right… a Bark Mitzvah, a coming of age observance for dogs, is growing more and more popular these days. The […]

Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs – A History Lesson

History of Bar/Bat Mitzvahs People often mistakenly use the Hebrew terms “Bar” and “Bat” together. Being Jewish (Babylonian) Aramaic terms, they stand for “son” and “daughter” respectively. “Mitzvah” on the other hand, stands for either “law” or “commandment”.  A combination of both terms means son and daughter of commandment, respectively. As evident in most countries […]

DJ New Jersey

DJ New Jersey Seeking a DJ New Jersey? Let’s review this further. You will find many that DJs that are offering best quality services but the selection of the right NJ DJ Company is necessary to make your event memorable and special. A professional and experienced DJ service will fulfill your requirements of entertainment in […]

New Jersey DJ

New Jersey DJ A New Jersey DJ can offer quality entertainment services but the selection of the right NJ DJ is important to make your event a success. Versatile and experienced DJs can deliver entertainment in fabulous way. Every kind of party and event has its own standard of celebrations and excellence in entertainment is […]

Wedding DJ in NJ

Wedding DJ in NJ With that June wedding fast approaching, it’s time to meet your wedding DJ in NJ in person. Many wedding DJs conduct their interviews over the telephone and through email instead of meeting personally with prospective clients. Gemini DJs advises to avoid this, and meet your DJ in person. Some DJs are […]

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