Published: Dec 15, 2014

What Should You Expect From Your Christmas Party Videographer?


Christmas Party Videographer

Christmas Party Videographer

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Planning a corporate event is difficult. Staff members work hard through the year, and a good party can be a great way to blow off steam and have fun. Companies usually take photographs of the event for their annual newsletters, but videos are much better. A talented videographer can record the fun and magic of a lively Christmas party in living color.

Times have changed though and traditional ‘point-and-shoot’ videographers are obsolete. Modern companies like Gemini DJs ensure that their videographers are up-to-date with trends. Instead of asking around, get in touch with them and make your video record as interesting as possible. But you don’t have to take our word for it. If you want a trendy but complete record of your corporate Christmas party, here is what to look for in a good videographer (and you should know that Gemini Videographers offer them all.)

Modern Filming TechniquesModern filming techniques are completely different from the traditional cheesy wedding or event videos. Videographers now use small digital cameras to record unplanned events taking place all over a venue. Two or three videographers may cover the same event and the end result is a fun record of the party. Videographers may also approach guests and ask naughty or fun questions creating fun cameos in the video. Documentary videos are also quite popular at present. They provide a fly-on-the-wall type of recording of the event but in a personal and intimate matter. Not all videographers offer this type of photography and you should check before you hire the company.

Recording Options – One of the most interesting options available to guests is an 8mm or 16mm motion picture recording. The eventual video looks like a lush 60’s or 70’s film (something like the Hollywood movie The Aviator.) If you plan a masquerade party with a 60’s theme and record the party in the 16mm film, you will land up with a beautifully, luxuriant recording of an unforgettable day. It might be a little expensive but it is worth it. Not all videographers offer this option and you should check before you hire them.

Reputation and Cost – Good videographers are known through word-of-mouth publicity. They are also moderately priced depending on the event and coverage.  You can also choose from freelancers or large firms. However, large firms are better as they will usually specialize in party-planning with accessory services like DJs, party booths, etc also offered to customers at discounted rates. Take a look at their website and read reviews about them online. This will let you know how they work and whether they are worth it. Make sure you choose local videographers as well as it will save time and money.

So why waste time? Get in touch with Gemini DJs right now. Discuss your event needs with their experts and sit back while they take over with their team of professionals. Rest assured that you will have a fun, funky, but accurate record of your hopping office Christmas party.


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