Special Event Lighting

Dazzling Lighting Effects

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Versatile Lighting Effects

Club style atmosphere or romantic candlelight
With today’s lighting technology, Gemini DJs
can create the most amazing atmospheres at your event!

Custom Monograms

Custom monograms will add a personal touch to your event. You can select one of our samples, or something can be specifically designed for you!

If you have a monogram on your invitation, send one over to us and we can pull it off!

Custom Monogram Examples

UP Lighting

Up lighting will create the atmosphere you have always dreamed of for your wedding!

Gemini DJs features over 300 colors to chose from to make your room match perfectly with your wedding theme.

Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent lighting is what really makes a party!

With state of the art moving heads that are all computer based, it allows us to do several things with the lights.

The lights can set the mood in the room using the lights as ceiling washes, they can add spot lights for first dances, and of course they add over 15 colors and 15 patterns of dance effects!

Add COLOR to your Venue

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