Published: Feb 17, 2020

Why You Need Live Musicians for Your Wedding’s Cocktail Hour

When it comes to the music and entertainment for your wedding most people focus on the reception. They research wedding DJs, bands, live entertainment, and lighting upgrades – all of which are very important details. While your reception entertainment is very important to keep the party going and the dance floor packed, you don’t want to neglect your cocktail hours, which is another great opportunity to provide quality entertainment to your wedding by adding live musicians. 

Live musicians create a unique atmosphere and with our wide selection of musicians you can find the perfect entertainers to compliment your wedding. Still not decided? Here’s why you should hire live musicians for your cocktail hour:

drummer for wedding cocktail hour

Live Musicians Set the Mood and Tone for Your Wedding

While the decor creates an ambiance for your wedding, nothing sets the mood and tone like music. If you want your wedding to have a romantic feel you should consider hiring a string quartet to play classical music for your cocktail hour. Or, if you want a more upbeat feel consider having an electric violinist or fiddler. We can also provide musicians to play cultural music. 

Live Musicians Are An Encompassing Experience

People love live music, and your cocktail hour is the perfect way to incorporate live musicians into your wedding day. As people enjoy food and drinks, they can sit back and listen to some great tunes. Live musicians at your cocktail hour aren’t simply background music, rather they are there to create an experience for you and all of your guests. Plus live musicians are more entertaining and will make the cocktail hour and more enjoyable time for your guests until the dancing begins!

Live Music is Always a Unique Experience

No two live music experiences are exactly alike, which means the live music at your cocktail hour will be unique to your wedding day. Plus you can discuss your song choice and genre preferences to create a personalized setlist just for you and your new spouse.  Live music will evoke the emotions of your guests in a way that recorded music cannot. 

saxaphone player for wedding cocktail hour

Live Music is More Memorable 

As you are planning your wedding you are painstakingly creating a memorable event for your special day. You’ve planned everything from the color palette to the food to the decor so why not take the same care in ensuring the music is just right? Your DJ and Emcee will take care of the party during the reception and ensure your guests have a great time.

Instead of leaving your cocktail hour to chance and relying on whatever your reception hall plays through the speakers, hire live musicians to make your cocktail hour more memorable. 

Live Musicians Are More Flexible

Musicians can make adjustments as needed and stop and restart without any issues. For example they can switch songs to something more upbeat when the bride and groom enter the cocktail hour, or if the crowd seems to be enjoying a particular genre of music they can continue playing similar songs.

If something during the cocktail hour doesn’t go quite according to plan, the musicians can help to take the attention away from the problem. Overall, the flexibility of live musicians makes them an invaluable part of your cocktail hour.

Live Musicians Are Affordable

The average wedding in the tri-state area costs around $50,0000 when you put that into perspective the cost of live musicians for your cocktail hour is quite nominal. Besides, the value live musicians add to your wedding last far exceeds the additional cost. Your wedding day should be absolutely perfect and music is not the place to cut corners. 

pianist for wedding cocktail hour

Live Music Can Be Customized

Unlike the standard house music played by reception houses, when  you work with live musicians you can customize the setlist to your tastes and the feel you want to create for your wedding. If you want your cocktail hour to have a quiet, romantic feel they can help create this atmosphere. They can play popular songs with a more classical feel, and maintain a highly elegant vibe for your wedding day. 

Contact Us Today To Book Live Musicians For Your Cocktail Hour

At Gemini DJs we have a variety of live musicians for hire to create the sound and feel you want for your wedding day. We work with all of our couples to achieve the overall feel they want for their wedding day.  All of our musicians take their craft seriously and we’re confident this shines through in each event that they perform.

We can also provide reception entertainment, ambient lighting, fun foods, and audiovisual rentals to make your wedding day perfect. Contact us today at 973-686-1003 or fill out our contact form to learn more.

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