Published: Jan 06, 2015

2015 The Year of the DJ

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The increased popularity of DJs has reached new heights and is expected to continue in 2015. 

Why the Appeal

DJs make all of the difference when you want to have an extraordinary party, wedding, sweet 16 or special event. You just can’t underestimate the “DJ difference.” Moreover, New Jersey DJs are especially known for their party expertise and their amazing musical knowledge. They assemble playlists that are simply amazing to behold.

New Jersey’s reputation as a mecca for some of the world’s most famous singers impacts the DJ industry, also. New Jersey DJs are a breed apart from others in the industry, within other states. Their musical heritage is extraordinary.

NJ DJs and You

Finding a skilled, professional and courteous NJ DJ is easier than ever. NJ DJs have websites that showcase their capabilities and specialties. In addition to the primary music skillets, top NJ DJ companies offer a plethora of fun amenities, including photo booths and popular fast food style concession stands. NJ DJs are essentially entertainment specialists, offering a complete package of services. Need video of the event? No problem. There are NJ DJs who offer top notch, professional videography.

Only professional DJs offer a very large collection of popular music for every occasion, including birthday celebrations, engagement parties, weddings and more. Consider those experienced DJs during a function near you.


While employing DJs for weddings or other special events, make certain that they will appear in appropriate or correct dress, especially if the occasion for which you are getting them calls for formal attire. It is understandable that finding the appropriate DJ for your wedding or reception is important to set the right tone and atmosphere of the day and to be sure that most of your visitors gather around for endless fun.

Each DJ meets with the customer to design their musical celebration. Jointly, a timeline will be designed to guarantee the celebration is skillfully and elegantly handled. They will say something appropriate, and always conduct themselves professionally. They will create video montages, slide shows, and a live digicam feed for giant screen projection. They can also present music video clips that can be viewed from the dancing floor.

Make sure you are dealing with the best New Jersey DJs around in 2015. Contact Gemini DJs today about all of their services and get started on the road to a truly memorable and special event.

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Jeff Rollin

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