Published: Sep 22, 2014

Want to Hire a New Jersey DJ?

Gemini DJs New Jersey

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How are you celebrating your most awaited “sweet 16” birthday this year?

Is your grandmother planning for revelry this Christmas?

What kind of bachelorette is your maid of honor thinking about?

Whether it’s your birthday, a festive occasion or a wedding event, Gemini DJs, the party DJ in New Jersey, will make sure your event turns out to be a memorable one.

Let’s Get Spoiled

Gemini DJs is a New Jersey DJ company that can create that much-needed mood for your party and make you groove to the beat at any corporate event, brunch gatherings, graduation evenings and also your teen’s prom night. Hire a professional DJ from their massive list and let your hair down on the dance floor. Their blend of music promises to create that everlasting memory.

Let’s Bask In

Don’t you want to be with your guests? Or do you just want to spend your entire time managing and organizing things around you? Of course not! The videographer, musicians, lighting, the disco effects, lounge setup and scrumptious foods will all be taken care of by Gemini DJs. They are the high end service providers of ultimate party planning and their offerings will not leave you thwarted.

This is what Gemini DJs has for you:

•    Photo booths

•    Professional lighting

•    Fun foods

•    Lounge setups

•    Live musicians

•    Plasma / AV rentals

•    Special effects

•    Videography

So now you know how you will be spending time with your special ones, family and others at the upcoming celebrations hosted by you.

Let’s Groove

Your party needs fuel and so Gemini DJs brings a varied mix of music across genres to create spark on the dance floor. You can give your Gemini DJ a list of must-have songs but allow their instincts to play it all. They understand the needs of the people gathered at the party, and so the appropriate music will be played throughout. If it’s a wedding event, you can expect a few romantic numbers and if it’s an all–teens’ party then get ready for some groovy beats.

With Gemini DJs, you will hear an assortment of music. If your party goes on for 3-4 hours then a minimum of 60-70 songs will be played. Did we see you grooving already?

Get Ready to Party Like Never Before

What makes a good party? A good DJ? Yes, all your worries must be kept aside when Gemini DJs has sworn to entertain your guests. There’s going to be no boredom. From professional song selection, high quality equipment to no last minute glitches, they are prepared with all the necessary backups and plans. For example, if your friends arrived with their tots at brunch, be assured your Gemini DJ will have the right tracks to entertain the little ones too. And if your guests have arrived a little too early, they too will be entertained by your Gemini DJ.

If you want your revelry to be the talk of the town, call Gemini DJs now. Indulge yourself in pure entertainment with our professional event planning and management services.


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