Published: Jun 19, 2012

Firework Display Adds a Little “Spark” to Wedding Reception

When Rob and Christine met, there were fireworks. They knew right away it was meant to be. On Saturday, June 16 Gemini DJs performed at their wedding reception at Hamilton Farms Golf Club in Gladstone, New Jersey. They had a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception, which included a fifteen-minute firework show outside the mansion. The show was dedicated to the grandparent’s 66th wedding anniversary. The video above shows the clip of the grand finale.

It was a beautiful display, and the guests really enjoyed the show. When people think fireworks, they automatically associate them with the Fourth of July, but fireworks at weddings are becoming increasingly popular. You need to obtain a specific permit to have pyrotechnics create a firework show, but these are easily obtainable as long as the location is appropriate and the laws in the area permit firework use. It is important to choose a venue with a lot of space. Golf courses and private clubs usually allow firework shows at weddings because of the open space provided.

Add a little “spark” to your wedding and have a firework show. It is a special way to end a spectacular, unforgettable night.

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