Published: May 08, 2012

Cinco de Mayo Wedding with NJ Wedding DJs

Kristen and Dan’s very own custom wedding monogram

This year’s Cinco de Mayo will definitely be a memorable one for Kristen and Dan Walsh. Instead of happy hour and celebrating the Mexican holiday, they had their wedding celebration at the Brownstone in Patterson, New Jersey.

With teal up lighting and their very own custom monogram, The Walsh’s were ecstatic with the outcome of their special day. The dance floor lighting and low DJ booth was the main attraction of the night, aside from the beautiful bride of course.  The guests were drawn to the upbeat music played by the Gemini DJs and they danced the night away. They were having so much fun that the wedding went overtime! The top NJ wedding DJs played music all night long and ended with a song requested by the bride herself. Although there were no sombreros or tacos at this event, I can guarantee that each and every guest could vouch that this was the best Cinco de Mayo they’ve ever been apart of.

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