Published: Jun 18, 2014

Professional New Jersey DJs to Rock Your Sweet 16 Bash

New Jersey Disc Jockey

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New Jersey Sweet 16 parties are a big event in the life of a teenager. And the people of New Jersey love any reason to party. It is no wonder then, that Gemini DJs love New Jersey so much. The party never stops with on the dance floor.  Sweet 16 parties are the most memorable party in a teen’s life, and Gemini DJs wants to make that memory rock. New Jersey DJs don’t get any better than their own when it comes to providing music for a sweet 16 party.

Bringing Great Music Wherever They Go

Abba, a group of singers that made it big in the latter half of the 20th century, sang “Without a song or dance, what are we?”  And Gemini DJs understand this statement more than anyone. Good music is a must at any party, let alone a sweet 16 party. With good music comes dancing, and dancing lets loose the real you. You want your sweet 16 party to be a cherished memory for you and for your friends, and there’s no better way to accomplish that than by hiring a NJDJ that understands just when to play Taylor Swifts’ “I knew you were trouble”, and Bruno Mars’ “Locked out of Heaven”. And if your DJ can’t get the right build and drop in the Harlem shake, you’ll regret not having hired a professional Gemini DJ.

What They Bring to Your Sweet 16

They have the resources to turn your party into the most memorable day in your life until the day you tie the knot. (They’re sure after your sweet 16, you’ll want a Gemini DJ to rock your wedding reception, too) with plasma screens, smoke machines, videography, photo booths, the club lounge look…they can bring it all along with the exceptional music. Gemini DJs are known to produce more than just a party with excellent music. Their astounding taste in music is just one of the benefits your party will receive. Count on their New Jersey DJs to be able to improvise to the feel on the dance floor. Leave it to them to keep you and your friends dancing all night long.

Why Go Professional?

You could easily hire an amateur NJDJ and watch your party fall to pieces, or you could go professional and watch your sweet 16 become the party that everyone outside the party lounge wished they’d been invited to. It’s true, if you want to party right, and own the night, your sweet 16 playlist is better off in the hands of a pro, who knows the crowd he’s catering to. Professional NJDJs can bring you the ultimate sweet 16. Why settle for anything less, when you can hire a DJ that will exceed all your expectations.

Hire a Gemini DJ for you sweet 16 and see for yourself what a difference a professional DJ can make as compared to the tunes of an amateur.  Sweet 16s, bar mitzvah, wedding or prom, we’ll liven your dance floor all night long.


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