Published: Oct 16, 2014

Booking Your New Jersey DJ

New Jersey DJs

New Jersey DJs

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If you are looking for a New Jersey DJ for your special event, you should know that there is a wide choice of professional DJs out there. Any established and professional DJ for an event will have their own website where you can view some of their videos and photos. After watching the videos of different DJs, create a short list of the ones you like. This is much more convenient and quicker than having to go along to watch them play live or arranging meetings to get a sense of their style.

Once you have made a choice, then book your NJ DJ early if you don’t want to be disappointed. It might even be necessary to book them well in advance once you have settled on a particular person or company.

Next, you should confirm with a deposit. Read through the contract very carefully, since changes might incur costs and you want to be sure that the price given includes everything, from the latest sound equipment and transportation to the number of hours played. All costs and fees should have been discussed beforehand and there should be no unpleasant surprises in store. The total price will be in the contract with any applicable taxes added.

After the DJ is reserved and booked, set up another meeting well before the actual event day where you can get together and arrange the songs you want played in the order you prefer. They will have a song list of thousands to choose from and be able to offer you advice and recommendations for music that gets the dance floor full and everyone having a good time.

With everyone up dancing and enjoying themselves, you can relax and have fun. You will feel good knowing that everything is going smoothly.

Meanwhile, other questions worth asking are how many years experience the DJ company has, specially for very important events like weddings. A professional will know how to analyze the crowd and change the song accordingly, making sure your night runs as smoothly as possible.

Expect your DJ to arrive early so they have time to set everything up well before the guests start to arrive, and to ensure they have their sound check completed. As soon as people start to enter the room, the entertainment starts. Most DJs should welcome any requests.

When you add it all up, DJ services fun and affordable. For more information, contact Gemini DJs today, or call them at 973-686-1003.



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