Published: Jul 07, 2014

The Only Photo Booth That’s Worth Posing In

Gemini DJs - New Jersey

Gemini DJs have been providing a number of parties with excellent DJs, emcees, videographers, photographers and a number of other assistants.  One of our most popular services is the all coveted, photo booth.

At a party, especially one with photogenic guests, it’s important that you have more than just a photographer. Some people prefer the old school way of taking pictures, a photo booth!

Back when cameras were a rare luxury, people valued hard copy photographs, a memory they could hold in their hand. Bring that feeling back by availing of Gemini DJs’ Photo Booth services.

The arcade style:

This style of a photo booth dates back to the times of the early camera. People would come to photo booths and click 3-4 photos that would be printed immediately on a strip of paper. Gemini DJs can bring these booths to your party. These booths can house maximum two people.  And the printed strip can have 3 pictures and a monogram or a 4 pictures altogether.

The lounge style:

This form of a booth is more spacious and allows more guests to pose at a time. Today, a number of events make use of this photo booth as it gives more room for fun and lively photographs and captures more than just half the body as in an arcade style photo booth.

Gemini DJs have been serving events all over Wayne and the whole of New Jersey, satisfying clients and bringing occasions to life. The services we offer are professional and mostly, tailored made to your liking. You also receive these photos on a CD post your event. Make a scrapbook and save your memories in a way that you can hold on to them forever.

The photo booth is among the most wanted services we offer. Hear it from our existing clients and see for yourself how happy and satisfied they are with our services. Our photo booths are built with modern technology in photography and will give you the best photo booth strips you have ever seen.

To know more about us and our services, check out our site. We are situated in New York too. Get in touch with us for everything your party needs to be the most glamorous event of the year.

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