Published: Mar 03, 2011

What sets Gemini DJs Apart?

What makes Gemini DJs Different?

One of the things that really set us apart from a lot of companies in NJ is our modern approach to weddings. We shy away from being “cheesy” wedding entertainers, and rather focus on getting the party jumping with the music. DJ’s in New Jersey can really range from trying to be the center of attention of you party and doing many group dances with your crowd, to being boring not playing much dance much at all. Our theory is keep your party JUMPING from the second the doors open until the Matre’ D says we have to leave.

To be one of NJ’s Best DJ’s, we also have to carry all of the TOP OF THE LINE equipment. We always are upgrading and updating our equipment on a monthly basis. We try not to fall behind and let things get dated. All of our music comes fully digital with over 150,000 songs. We use Macs to host all of our music.

Another big factor to let you save money is Gemini DJs owns and staffs all of the equipment you rent from us. We do not subcontract anything out. This will save you money in the end. Many DJ companies in NJ will sub out things just marking them up. If you are have a question ask to see what you are getting. We have a 5000 square foot showroom with everything on display!

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