Published: Apr 30, 2012

Bridal Trends: A New Look for You On Your Wedding Day

When you think wedding you think white, white dress of course. Nine out of ten times the bride wears a traditional white gown to her wedding. This has been the trend since the Roman era, but why not spice it up a bit?

Gemini DJs, one of the top wedding DJs in New Jersey worked at a wedding this Saturday and saw something unique. Instead of the customary white gown, Linda Stokes took a different approach and wore a pure white gown that was infused with lavender lace. Color accents on white wedding gowns seem to be the ultimate fashion statement this spring. Soft colors mixed with white give the bride a classic look on her wedding day, along with a sense of individualism.


David’s Bridal has a beautiful selection of dresses with color accents. You can view them at:

Wedding Gown with Lavender Lace

Beautiful wedding gown with lavender lace. The color accent makes the dress classy, yet unique.


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