Published: Dec 12, 2014

What Should You Expect From Your Christmas Party DJ?

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Its Christmas time and you’ve got a great party planned for your friends and family. The venue has been selected, the catering is done, and the guest list is complete as well. Unfortunately, you’ve got a slight problem. You’re very late getting this all set up. You want a DJ and you don’t know where to start. You want your party to be fun with dancing and music and you know that a good DJ can make or break a party. Since it’s the Christmas season, the DJ should know contemporary mixes of traditional Christmas carols or season-specific dance mixes.

Making Your Christmas Party Better with a Talented DJ

At Gemini DJs, you don’t have to worry about a thing. When you hire them, they make sure that your event has everything it requires to be a success. However, that does not mean you take our word for it. Based on personal experience, here is why should be your first choice for any event.

Talented DJs – DJs need to know music. Christmas is a great time but most Christmas music is traditional and slow. Over the years, artistes like BoneyM and Mariah Carey have put their own twist to these traditional songs creating hopping club mixes. Gemini’s DJs know their music and they have years of expertise in creating customized music lists for Christmas parties. It does not matter whether you have a private party or a corporate event as they will fit their music list to your requests. In keeping with the spirit of Christmas, you can also ask their DJ to accept requests for popular music. That will definitely get everyone on the dance floor.

Accessory Services – A DJ does not just play music. Good DJs also handle announcements, coordinate the event, etc. GeminiDJs also offers intelligent lighting, strobe lighting, video screens for background images and a host of additional extras at an affordable price. Your event is far more likely to be successful if a single person handles the entire music, lighting, and background images.

Affordable Prices – DJs are not expensive but you get what you pay for. That means if you pay a reasonable amount, you will get a good DJ. Don’t skimp on quality and hire affordable DJs from Gemini. They also offer DJs for special events like weddings, Sweet 16’s, Prom Night, and corporate events. Of course, they adjust their rates accordingly. In case you have something special in mind, you can always let them know and they will work with you.

Of course, all of these are essential qualities in a good DJ but some Gemini DJs are unique. GeminiDJs will make sure that your guests get out and start dancing to the music. With their expertise, music knowledge, and enthusiasm, you can literally see your party guests getting up and growing on the dance floor.


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