Published: Jul 03, 2014

Selecting a New Jersey DJ

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The New Jersey DJ you hire in Wayne New Jersey might be annoyed at being told how to conduct his performance. But choosing the most appropriate disc jockey for your event is perhaps the most important decision you can make to ensure its success. Everything else can be perfect, but if the music isn’t a bulls-eye, the party will fizzle.

Selecting a New Jersey DJ can be difficult. There are dozens in most communities, all promising a great job. So, how do you pick the right one? You can’t be rushed or jump at the first offer. The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese in the trap.

The best way to find a Wayne New Jersey DJ you’ll like is obvious: hire one you’ve seen in action. If you attended a function where the DJ was really good, find out who he was. If you didn’t get his business card at the party, ask the host, caterer or hall manager. Maybe your friends have been to an affair you missed. Tell them you’re looking. Request that they keep their eyes (and ears) open for you.

We’re not going to list “Find-A-DJ” web sites. Selecting by state, only a handful of DJ companies will show up, while hundreds are actually available. Besides, most specifically list Wedding DJs, not Bar or Bat Mitzvah DJs.

Better options:

1. Ask your caterer. Which DJs impress them? Which don’t? They’ve seen them all.

2. Look for staged events.

3. Check out the display and classified ads in your newspaper or phone book. Look under the “Disc Jockey,” “Music” or “Entertainment” headings. Note the ads in which the DJ actually mentions the type of event you are interested in. He’ll obviously be comfortable with the format. But remember, well established and experienced DJs should be able to handle any occasion, so seek out one who has performed many times, hundreds of times, at every type of party or function. Experience brings professionalism.

Mobile DJing is most often a part-time vocation. If you’re not calling an agency, the vast majority of single-unit operators (other than radio jocks) will have different weekday employment. It should not prejudice your choice, but your DJ is likely a “weekend warrior.” Expect an answering machine from 9 to 5. But a PROMPT response.

The worst way to choose a DJ is on the bottom line, as your SOLE consideration. It’s tempting to seek the cheapest alternative, but consider the law of supply and demand. A higher priced DJ may be worth the extra expenditure since he’s not going to be a rookie, he enjoys his reputation and he tends to work constantly. You’ll find that DJs at the bottom end of the price scale are likely relatively new to the business, trying to get established with tempting fees. But be cautious before opening the Yellow Pages and calling the DJ who offers the “best” price. He may be worth a shot if your party is on the informal side, but you must acknowledge a risk regarding presentation and reliability.

Professional and experienced New Jersey DJs like Gemini DJs will steer you in the right direction and give you the best value and an awesome entertainment experience, even on a limited budget.



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