Published: May 17, 2012

Conversation With Internationally Renowned DJ, Rich Kenny

Internationally Renowned DJ, Rich Kenny

Rich Kenny is a New York Native with 20 years experience in the music business ranging from record producing and remixing, to DJing and MCing nightclubs and private events.  Rich is bilingual in Spanish and performs up and down the east coast at weddings and high-level corporate events, including openings for international acts such as Usher, Pitbull, Incubus, and many others. He also has performed at after parties for the Super Bowl.


Favorite TV Channel: ESPN

Favorite movie: Natural Born Killers

Favorite Snapple flavor: Peach

Favorite place to eat: Ruby Foos

Favorite cartoon: The Animaniacs

Favorite band: Depeche Mode


What would you say you are most talented at?



Why do you love your job?

“I love my job because I love music.”


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