Published: May 30, 2012

Have No Regrets After Tying the Knot

It’s been a month since you’ve been married. You just got back from your honeymoon, and you and your significant other are still reminiscing about the relaxing and romantic vacation you just spent together. You whip out the wedding album, start looking through pictures and try to piece back the memories of your special day. But are just pictures enough?

One regret that many couples have after their wedding is not hiring a professional videographer. At Gemini DJs, our videographers attend the bridal preparationceremony, and reception, capturing all of the laughs and cries that photographs alone simply cannot. A wedding video will capture the vows and how the father looks into his daughter’s eyes during their first dance. They capture the guests’ reactions as the beautiful bride walks down the aisle, and the friends and family dancing on the dance floor. On the day of your wedding, you have so much going on that it is impossible to remember every second of it. These are the memories you want to cherish forever, and a wedding video will give you that exclusive opportunity.

In the video above, Jill and Eric discuss why they regret not hiring a professional videographer for their wedding. They have pictures, but they feel the still images do not hold the special moments they shared with each other, family, and friends. Everyone at the wedding keeps telling them how amazing their wedding was, but they can never view it from an outside perspective or relive it. They wish they had that opportunity, and it seems they created this video to inform other couples about the mistake they made, and hopefully prevent them from doing the same.

Hiring a photographer is standard for a wedding, but hiring a videographer should be as well. No one will ever regret hiring a videographer, especially from Gemini DJs because they are experts in capturing the special moments you share on your wedding day.


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