Published: Mar 16, 2015

Avoiding DJ Mistakes at NJ Weddings

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People make mistakes when looking for DJs for a New Jersey wedding. It is because they don’t know the things that need to be considered. If you don’t want to end up having a ruined event, know the factors that set professional disc jockeys apart from those who do not have sufficient skills and knowledge about the job and the event.

Most people who have a tight budget look for professionals that offer low fees. Well, don’t get fooled by cheaper prices as the quality of these professionals’ services still depends on how renowned or reputable the DJ is. On the other hand, don’t choose expensive services from other DJs since the pricier services don’t necessarily mean they are the best services.

Don’t Select a NJ DJ Quickly

You might feel lucky to find a DJ that offers different types of services for all events, but you have to take note that finding a DJ who has experience in weddings services is a good choice. This factor is important because some DJs can be really amazing and great for birthday parties but actually perform poorly in wedding events. When you are looking around for these individuals, find out what specific services they offer.


It is important to know how long your preferred DJ will perform at the wedding. You can ask them about their experience. Most of these professionals have their own websites. You can verify or confirm their information at their website. Find out how long they have been in business to give you some idea on how familiar they are with their craft.


Most DJ services are willing to provide testimonials. Read some of the feedback provided by their previous customers and be rightfully encouraged by the positive comments.


Depending on the country or state, almost all DJs are required to have insurance. Remember to ask them this.

Work Schedule

Some DJs work on weekdays only. Since a wedding can be held during weekends, find a DJ that offers services even on a Saturday or Sunday. You might face some difficulty in finding these professionals, but it will be worth it in the end. If you are not sure that a DJ is available during weekends, the best way to know is to ask them about their availability and work schedule.


The price should not be your only concern the least concern. It might be an additional cost for you to hire a DJ. However, it can make your special day much memorable and enjoyable.

Start your search for the best DJs for weddings now and make the special day of your life much livelier and happier. Call 973-686-1003 for more information.

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