Published: Oct 20, 2014

Planning Your NJ Holiday Party?

New Jersey Holiday Party DJs

New Jersey Holiday Party DJs


It’s that time. The holiday party needs to be arranged. After all, it’s only two months – or less – before you need to have that holiday party.

So, it’s time to get going on this. Selecting the right holiday party DJ for your NJ event can be challenging. But after reading this, you’ll know what to look for to ensure your party isn’t ruined by an inferior DJ.

NJ Holiday Parties: Where to Start?

It is often hard to know where to start even looking for a Christmas party DJ. Some popular choices would be your favorite Internet search site, the phone book (do they still exist?), or magazines about meeting and event planning and suggestions. All of these places will usually list NJ DJs who are advertising their business. But what other options are there? How about asking the venues?  They have no doubt seen many DJ’s come and go over the years at various events and should be able to recommend someone who is good.

Gemini DJs works with many venues who have recommended their services to their clients. Anyone who recommends their services does so because they appreciate the quality and reliability of their DJs.

You can also ask friends and family. Maybe they recall going to a holiday party or other event where the DJ company was outstanding.

Talk with other business people and research DJ companies to find out what other people think.

We have a list of a few DJs, what’s next?

Now that you have a shortlist of DJs, it is important you get to know each of them a little better. Be sure to visit their websites, ask your venue manager about them, phone and talk with them, and even meet with them if you have the option. Any DJ who doesn’t want to meet with you before you book with them, should most likely be avoided. Take notes, such as if they answered their phone when you called, how did they answer the phone, did they answer with their own name, or their business name? Did they return your call promptly? Try to see some photos of their equipment setup, will it blend in with the “look” you want to create at your event? Ask if they have other setup options. View videos of their events and see if you like what they do.

You should also consider if the DJ is within your budget.

Meeting with your prospective party DJ is usually a good idea.

Want to more more? Call Gemini DJs today at 973-686-1003 for important information that will help you with your holiday party planning.



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