Published: Aug 01, 2014

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Why Hire a Professional DJ?

Many couples are looking for ways to save money on their wedding. You might be wondering, “why spend hundreds of dollars to hire a professional company when my friend, a DJ from an online classified ad, or an MP3 player can do the same thing for less?” But, remember: like selecting a photographer, dress designer, or cake artist, hiring a DJ is not always an “apples to apples” comparison.

While you might pay less for the services of an amateur entertainer, you might not be buying an equivalent product. Differences in quality and style will make a very big difference. The abilities of your DJ selection can determine how enjoyable your reception is for yourself and your guests — whether your dance floor stays packed all night long or whether everyone leaves by 9:00 P.M. While it is certainly true that, like higher-quality photographers, dress designers, and cake artists, a professional DJ company may not be your lowest bidder, here are a few good reasons to choose one anyway.

Experience: how much experience does the person operating the sound equipment have, not only with the equipment itself, but with public speaking, crowd control, and problem solving? Even using professional-grade equipment, an amateur DJ might not have the knowledge to effectively use all those knobs and buttons to their best advantage. The resulting sound may not be much better than your boom box. Many new DJs complete a rigorous apprentice program with a written curriculum emphasizing not only how to use the equipment effectively but how to evaluate acoustics, “read” the crowd to keep them dancing, speak with good diction, be tactful with guests, and anticipate the needs of the bridal party.

Peace of Mind and Good Memories: what do you want to remember most about your reception? Worrying whether your caterer knows it’s time to pour the champagne or if your photographer knows it’s time to cut the cake? Coordinating your reception instead of dancing? Cheesy announcements? Cueing and re-cueing the MP3 player? Listening to songs you don’t particularly like or maybe have never heard? Hiring a professional DJ company allows you to relax and actually enjoy the party you’ve spent so much time planning.

Reliability: what will happen if your friend or amateur DJ develops an illness, equipment failure, or transportation problem? With a professional company, replacement equipment and additional staff should be readily available. Many DJs work in pairs and have backup equipment on-site.

Equipment: is the stereo setup able to produce high-quality sound sufficient to fill your reception hall but still sensitive enough to prevent the music from blaring or becoming distorted? Do you need a microphone for toasts or other events? A professional DJ company will utilize specialized equipment designed to fill a large hall without distortion and will have microphones available for speeches and announcements. Want to know more? Contact Gemini DJs for more information.

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