Published: Jun 21, 2012

NJ DJs Suggest Honeymoon Destinations for Couples

Honeymoon destinations


You’ve got your shoes, wedding venue, gown, and flowers picked out, but have you thought about planning your honeymoon? Most couples go on their honeymoon shortly after their wedding, so you need to have the vacation booked before you say “I do.”

Choosing your honeymoon destination can be challenging, but if you follow these simple steps, you will be able to narrow down your choices. The NJ DJs from Gemini DJs compiled a list of destinations they recommend for couples going on their honeymoon.


What do you and your loved one like to do as a couple?

  1. Relax on the beach
  2. Explore the outdoors
  3. Sightseeing, tours, museums, and cultural activities
  4. All inclusive hotels


  1. If you like to relax on the beach, you should consider the British Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Aruba, Punta Cana, Bahamas, or Fiji.


  1. Filled with many thrill-seeking activities, Niagara Falls is the place to go if you enjoy exploring the outdoors. You should also consider Orlando and stay in Disney World, California, or Las Vegas.


  1. Sightseeing, tours, museums, and cultural activities can be found anywhere in Europe. Italy, Greece, Barcelona, and Ireland have many cultural activities for you and your loved one to explore.


  1. All-inclusive hotels can be found in almost every destination listed. You can research online or talk to your travel agent about all-inclusive resorts and honeymoon packages.



Anthony Scamberti (Owner and NJ DJ at Gemini DJs): “We went to California for our honeymoon and visited Los Angeles, Carmel, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Venice, and Malibu. We took an adventure and drove down the Pacific Coast Highway and went on tours of Bel Air and Beverly Hills. My wife and I enjoyed all the restaurants and adventurous activities California had to offer.”


Mike Albanese (Studio Manager and NJ DJ at Gemini DJs): “My wife and I went to Virgin Gorda and Peter Island in the British Virgin Islands. We enjoyed relaxing on the beautiful beaches and touring all the islands.”


Kevin Kacmarcik (Production Manager at Gemini DJs): “We went to Punta Cana for our honeymoon and we loved it! The beaches are absolutely gorgeous and it was the most relaxing place I’ve ever been to.”



The hard part is over! Once you’ve picked your location, all you need to do is book the hotel and airfare. So in the mist of choosing your bridesmaid dresses, don’t forget to sit down with your fiancé and choose a destination for your honeymoon. Once everything is all set, you can continue to focus on the wedding arrangements. Bon voyage!

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