Published: Jun 07, 2012

Top NJ DJs Perform at Sweet 16s with Special Lighting

Sweet 16 DJs

The Barbie cake, princess plates, and pinata days are over. Lets face it parents, your little girl is turning 16 in a few months and it’s time to start planning the party she’s been looking forward to her whole life.

You’ve got the theme picked out, cake ordered, and decorations made, but now it’s time to choose the DJ. At Gemini DJs, we provide top NJ DJs with many options to accommodate the guest of honor. Our promise is to plan a night that will never be forgotten.

When watching MTV’s My Super Sweet 16, you see that most of the venues look like the inside of a club. Gemini DJs can create the same type of atmosphere with uplights, custom monograms, and dance floor lighting. They all have a separate purpose, but the combination of these three can create the same atmosphere that the girls have on the show.

Uplights go on the walls and make the room a color. When you come in for your appointment with us, you are able to choose from 300 different colors for your party. Along with uplights, we have custom monograms which are made to light the dance floor with the guest of honor’s name in the center. Lastly, we have the dance floor lighting, which goes on the dance floor and adds 30 colors and 30 patterns to the room. With these lighting options and the Gemini DJs playing the hottest songs, your daughter will have a club-like atmosphere in no time for her special night!


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