Published: Feb 27, 2015

Spring Prom DJ Leads the Way

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Spring Prom DJ

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There are considerable differences between the nightclub DJ who plays dance music and scratches on the discs, the radio DJ who announces over a set playlist, and the New Jersey spring prom DJ who plays all genres for all ages. Radio deejays are trained in college and need a degree to apply to a station, where they will work their way up the ladder from low-paying small town positions in a pre-planned career. Big market stations have only so many openings so only the cream of the crop will hit the big time.

With the advent of digital sound equipment, the capability to be a mini-broadcasting company meant that everyday people could entertain and speak over the music as one song segues into the next. A knowledgeable music fan with a good speaking voice and some people skills could put on a show that would get people dancing in a nightclub with a nicely-mixed portfolio of songs. In a short time, the DJ could be good enough to earn money with his music collection and some good sound gear.

The professional DJ company goes beyond that. They assemble a group of highly trained entertainers who know how to mix the best playlists that will get the crowd going. And that is exactly what you want to see at a spring prom party.

Knowledge of music is essential, but knowing what an audience will enjoy is even more important. When more people get up and dance, then the disc jockey is on the right track and it sometimes makes less jovial banter necessary. Moreover, the DJ gets better at sizing up an audience as he gets more experienced, just as do musicians, comedians, and other performers.

It’s not as easy as you might think to get into the party DJ business. Professional and experienced companies like Gemini DJs in New Jersey seek experienced pros who can satisfy the diverse musical tastes of guests at any given event. This only comes with experience and talent.

If you have transportation and resign yourself to working weekends, then there’s no barrier to to learn the business. Aligning with a professional DJ company can turn out to be a nice income path for the resourceful individual. It’s also a chance to be where the action is.

If you are planning a spring prom event, talk to Gemini DJs today.


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