Published: Feb 28, 2011

Gemini DJ’s Sweet 16 With Snooki

Gemini DJs wants to wish all the best to Dominique & The Calabro family for the amazing Sweet 16 we had a chance to be a part of.

Dominique’s Super Sweet 16 took place at the Hanover Manor back in December. Her party had over 200 people and rocked!! We set up the party as mainly a club/ lounge environment. There were no tables for people to eat other than a few Hi Boy tables.

Half way through the Event Snooki made a guest appearance, wishing Domonique a very Happy Sweet 16! Later on that night Snooki was in the DJ booth ripping it up with our DJ Mike Albanese. It was defiantly a very special sweet 16!

Gemini DJ’s currently performs at more than 300 sweet 16’s a year in New Jersey. If you would like the best in Sweet 16 entertainment please contact us! 973-686-1003

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