Published: Aug 08, 2014

Make your Sweet Sixteen Memorable


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If only all of us could be 16 again!  We would not have to think too much about making it special. The charm, fun, thrill and grace of 16 are to be rejoiced and celebrated. Talk about party and forget about music? Impossible! Music gets your party going. The trained DJs at Gemini DJs ensure that you dance till you drop.

How can you not create memories of your super sweet sixteen festivities? If you are thinking of assigning the job of playing party music to a friend, don’t be surprised if he goes missing when it is time to get the music started. And rethink your plan to capture the beautiful memories on your latest digital camera. Don’t rely on an amateur videographer for your sweet sixteen celebrations only to repent later. Avail Gemini’s Videographer/DJ facilities for the occasion.

Gemini’s expert DJs will provide you with 

  • The music of your choice
  • Special demands from your guests and you
  • The best sound and bass quality
  • Tracks that will make non-dancers dance all night
  • Glitch free dance numbers
  • An unsurpassable dance treat

Substituting the services of a professional DJ to cut down on your expenditure is like teaching a child at home instead of sending him / her to school. The team of veteran and distinguished DJs at Gemini DJs takes their music and work very seriously and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Your own song collection and speaker setup does not stand a chance in front of the quality and class apart music played by a professional DJ. Music makes or mars the feel at every party. Only a certified DJ will know that the right beats and the right numbers that have to be played at the right time.

Besides DJs and videographers, Gemini DJs can add charm to your special events by:

  • Their appealing photo booths
  • The perfect lights well suited for the function
  • Their classy live musicians
  • Customized special effects for the event
  • Cozy lounge arrangement

Gemini DJs delivers the most excellent service in each segment and guarantees that you will go to them over and over again to make all your parties a fun filled, entertaining event.

Your sweet sixteen party is an extraordinary event and experienced DJs can turn it into an unforgettable night for all. What a DJ does with music is magical and his performance is smooth and undisrupted. What he plays is music and is aware of the thin line between music and noise, which he never negotiates.

Sweet sixteen is a big day for you and Gemini’s specialized DJs make sure it becomes the best as well. Their song selection, music mixing and high-quality instruments will add gloss to your matte party. You will certainly have the best memories of your sweet sixteen celebrations if you celebrate with Gemini’s renowned professional DJs.

Make and spread memories of your sweet sixteen all around with superb Gemini DJs. Contact them today for further information.



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