Published: Jun 13, 2013

NJ DJs Perform at Top Wedding Destination, Highlawn Pavilion

Wedding location: Highlawn Pavilion

Imagine your first dance as husband and wife in a sophisticated, elegant venue overlooking New York City? Another top wedding location is the Highlawn Pavilion. We’ve performed there numerous times, and I can promise you it’s one of our favorite places to attend. Accommodating weddings of any style, budget, or size, the Highlawn Pavilion will make your day special. I mean you’ve been waiting for this day all your life, why not make it one to remember?

But I must say, any wedding, in any place, at any time is not the same without your favorite NJ DJs. At Gemini DJs, we not only offer the best New Jersey DJs in the state, but in the tri-state area. We’ve performed at the Highlawn Pavilion multiple times and feel free to ask them who they recommend because I can guarantee they’ll say the Gemini DJs. You can always pick a great place, but what’s a wedding without the best wedding DJs? It’s a boring one.

Highlawn Pavilion Wedding Information
For information about weddings, please call 973-731-3100 or email Christopher Gellings at [email protected] or Paul Keenan at [email protected].

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